“Match Point" residential sales office
  • Year:
  • Location:
  • Function:
  • Area:
    700 m2
  • Awards:
  • Team leader:
    Nikolai Milovidov
  • Head of interior design:
    Julia Tryaskina
  • Architects:
    Alexandra Gorina
  • Project manager:
    Evgenia Chernysheva

“Match Point" residential sales office

Match Point is a new multifunctional complex with apartments and a volleyball arena. Giving such a bright name to the residential complex, the developers wish to promote a youthful, active and free lifestyle, which of course must be reflected in the design of the sales office.

Creating an office space on the site of the former parking floor. At first the architects covered the existing space in white, with all its holes, gratings and numerous utilities on the ceiling. Then they introduced the main color accent - the finishing of the floors.

The color scheme again accentuates the theme of sports, youth and romance. The sales departments are fenced off with mobile screens made of swivel lamellas covered with felt. As in the case of meeting rooms, these semi-insulated rooms make you feel a sense of the integrity within the space.