• Year:
  • Location:
    Saint Petersburg
  • Function:
  • Area:
    2700 m2
  • Team leader:
    Yulia Belyaeva
  • Architects:
    Spartak Chinenikov, Nikolai Milovidov, Kirill Shuvaev, Ivan Stebunov
  • Project manager:
    Evgenia Chernysheva


Museum of Future Technologies "MOFT" is a logical development of the infrastructure of its own office building of one of the largest international IT companies JetBrains.

The museum is not just an exhibition center for advanced robots and information technologies, but also an educational function integrated into it. A significant area is given over to classes and experimental laboratories, where children can learn how to program their own robots, assemble them, and even arrange gladiator fights. To do this, the laboratories are equipped, among other things, with welding machines, and one of the zones of the museum is stylized as the Colosseum.

All exhibits are as interactive as possible: even a robot works as a barista in a cafe at the museum. So the world of the future begins right at the threshold.

The project was completed by our architects by order of the Amsterdam office of JetBrains, under the leadership of MOFT creative director Yulia Belyaeva.