Avrora business park
  • Year:
  • Location:
  • Function:
  • Area:
    780 m2
  • Team leader:
    Nikolai Milovidov
  • Architects:
    Evgheniy Semenov, Alexei Zarodov
  • Project manager:
    Oxana Gandey

Avrora business park

The architectural task was  to design two entrance areas of the new five-storey building F of the Aurora business park. The complexly organized fractional space with several entrances and exits was supposed to  represent one of the most important business centers in Moscow and emphasize the high status of its tenants. And also provide stylish, modern and comfortable waiting areas for visitors.

The architects based the Сoncept on an unusual ceiling, which incorporated not only the metal panels themselves and a wide variety of lighting solutions, but also the choice of designed ventilation grilles and other necessary devices. To make the unusual solution look even more profitable, the architects chose a dark graphite color for the ceiling. But an unpleasant pressing perception does not arise in this case. Light glass wall panels helped to avoid it, behind them is hidden vertical built in illumination.