• Year:
  • Location:
  • Function:
  • Area:
    35000 m2
  • Awards:
    European Property Awards 2014
  • Team leader:
    Nikolai Milovidov
  • Architects:
    Spartak Chinenikov, Anna Dukhanova, Vladimir Sagaidak
  • Project manager:
    Anna Kovalenko Group

The project for the headquarters was selected through a competition in which 20 companies participated. The emphasis is on mobile, maximum free and functional space. Almost all rooms here can be used in different ways, in two or even several scenarios.

On the ground floor there is a sports hall with a full-fledged mini-football field, which can be transformed into a conference hall with 500 seats in less than two hours. The second floor is occupied by meeting rooms and a lounge area with a cinema for employees. It can also transform into a small conference room: just replace cozy poufs with chairs, and the projector - with multimedia screens.